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Surviving the Rip-off Squads of Nairobi

In Nairobi they will attempt to rip you off your money. That is a given. It doesn’t matter which part of Nairobi, or which type of setting; a hospital or a local convenience shop, somebody somewhere will attempt to charge you up-to ten times more than what should be.

It hurts  when you discover that you paid three times more than what you should. I have once been a victim; I had a broken tooth, I needed a dental procedure called crowning. They needed to place a crown over my broken tooth. The first dentist I went to asked for KES 140,000 for a porcelain crown. After asking around a friend referred me to a dentist who fixed on me a porcelain crown for KES 30,000. This is just one example, I have numerous others: a friend who was asked for KES 400,000 for a gearbox for his vehicle, he later bought the same for KES 60,000, a neighbor who bought 6 tablets of paracetamol for a thousand shillings, and many more. Bottom line is that in Nairobi traders will attempt to overcharge you or sell to you something fake. How can you escape?

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Raila Implicated in the South Sudan Conflict

Image of Raila Odinga
Raila Amolo Odinga

I am no longer of the persuasion that Raila Odinga is the Joshua of our times; a hero who will lead us to the Promised Land. Having said that, I find it difficult to trust the intentions of Thomas Greenfield’s article on the involvement of Raila in the south Sudan conflict.

Thomas Greenfield has published an article on fp-news.com that claims Raila Odinga fueled the war in south Sudan. In the article, he claims that Raila gave financial support and facilitated arms purchase for the Riek Machar’s faction in the south Sudan conflict. Greenfields source of info is a British secret service report, but the article also quotes American Intelligence services.

I find this article overly biased against Raila. It  does not come out as an objective look at the reports of the intelligence agency. It draws its own conclusions rather than presenting findings and leaving it to the reader to judge. Some statements that the article makes are untrue and only appear intent on  evoking emotion. For example: “South Sudan is in turmoil today courtesy of weapons and drugs supplied by the Odinga’s” This statement implies that there is one supplier of Arms to the south Sudan’s opposition faction, and the supplier is Raila. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I have read of involvement of many other actors. I thus find it hard to agree that all the suffering in south Sudan is due to One man; Raila.

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Volkswagen in Kenya

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Now that Volkswagen is setting up shop in Kenya, I thought I will look up reviews of its polo vivo model. This model will  be the first that the Kenyan plant will be assembling.

The Vivo model has been in production since the year 2010, it is an improvement of the Volkswagen Citi golf. Currently, the VW vivo is the best-selling passenger car in South Africa.


The most  appealing thing about the VW Vivo is its price. DT Dobie, the authorized dealer for Volkswagen in  kenya has priced this vehicle at 1.7million Kenya shillings. This is a good deal given that second hand imports from Japan would go for about a million Kenya shillings.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency of this vehicle is one thing that Kenyans will definitely be interested in.  The 1.4 liter engine capacity of the VIVO concept line model will give you about 16 kilometers per liter of petrol. The blue line vivo will go 17km on a liter. This is slightly better than what you will find with a Toyota probox. A probox will give you 15 km per liter. Of course not better than the 1000cc engine Vitz, which goes for 21 km on a liter.

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Truth is; there is them and us

President Uhuru of Kenya and Yoweri of Uganda

Sorry guys but we got to face some truths. There is them and there is us.

There are those that have things well organized financially, and there is us that struggle to get to the next pay day.

I have done some research and I have discovered what makes the difference.

Those that have their finances well sorted  always have an extra gig that brings them money. They keep poultry at their back yard, or they have a Milk ATM, or they have an M pesa. They have a thing going.

We say that Nairobi ni shamba ya mawe (Nairobi is a garden of stones), yes it is. You can’t squeeze money out of stones; you got to give a service or sell a product to get money.

The difference between them and us is that they understand that they have to do something to get money. While we seat and hope.