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Image of Obama
“Change is never easy, but always possible.” – Barack Obama

The amplified bible describes Isaac as a man who became extremely distinguished. In Genesis 26:13, Isaac is described as a person who became great, gained more, and became extremely distinguished.

It is the extremely distinguished people that lead us into progress on the challenges we face in life. To end poverty, fight disease and bring peace to nations needs highly distinguished persons(HDPs).

One question that is asked of extremely distinguished persons is not if they fit the description, but what made them achieve the status. In this article, I describe  the habits and character traits that result into extreme success. My opinions in this article may not be wholly mine; arguments from books I have read, and people that I have listened to have informed my thoughts. In the final paragraph, I have listed some of the books and some of the leaders  that i have borrowed from.

What do the extremely distinguished persons do right? What do they do different? Read On.

Sense of Responsibility

Highly distinguished people have a high sense of responsibility. They rise up and take action. They won’t seat down and do nothing if things are not going well. They are called to something and they have taken up the challenge. They know what should be fixed and are committed to fixing it whatever it takes. They are clear on the minimums below which, we as a society or individually, should not go below and are committed to ensuring this. They don’t apportion blame. They don’t shy away from responsibilities, they pick their calls.

Prioritize and Focus.
Extremely distinguished persons understand that their time and strengths are limited. So they prioritize.
They don’t try to do everything, or be everything to everybody. They find out what is the most important, and they focus their time and strength on the important.

Have Discipline.
There are a lot of things that feel good to do or have. The discipline to spend your resources on only the important is what will set you apart from the crowd. You may be clear on your priorities and you may have the wisdom to understand that your time, money and strength should only be spent on priorities, but actually going ahead and spending only on the priorities is what sets you apart. I will define discipline as the strength to do what you know should be done regardless of how you feel or what other persuasions exist. Waking up at 5 in the morning regardless of the warmth of your bed sheets, or the weight of your eye lids is discipline. My brother Gidraph has this discipline.
Be courageous
There are fears that surround every endeavor. Fear of failure, fear of harm, fear of disapproval from the society, and many other fears. The extremely distinguished people take the risk to suffer pain, loss, or disapproval in order to pursue their goals.

Courage is soldiering on despite the fear – Miss Makena ”

Manage people.
The highly distinguished people have learnt the art of  using people to achieve their goals. Actually the word ‘use’ is not the right word. What I meant to say is that they have learnt to leverage on the strengths of others. They enlist the help of others in working out their goals. In this world, you are either advancing your agenda, or you are advancing someone else’s agenda. Listen to people, ask them questions, get to understand their motives, choose if you want or doesn’t want to support their motives. Make sure you see the big picture. Be honest and direct with people. Give people a benefit of doubt, a second chance. Appreciate friendship. Appreciate every support you get from people. Be there for your inner circle. This means being a little selfish. You don’t have enough time for everyone. You don’t have enough resources for everyone.

Work Hard.
Recently there has been a glorification of a work smarter not harder mantra. My friends this is a scam. Forget about working smart. Thieves work smart. Highly distinguished people work their ass off. They break their backs trying to achieve goals. Let me put this in perspective; we all agree that Elon Musk is a smart guy. But did you know in his fast start up he had to put in 16hrs a day? The same computer that he was using as a server is the same he would use to code. So his website will run during the day, at night he will be coding.

And finally highly distinguished people dream. They don’t accept the status quo. They imagine a different future, and they go to work to make it happen.

The extremely distinguished of today.
You and I have one thing in common, we all have the potential to be extremely distinguished. Who finally becomes highly distinguished depends on how clear we are on our priorities, and how disciplined and courageous we are in pursuing our goals.
Besides my experience and observation, the following are the books that might have shaped my opinion.

  1. First Things First. Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill, Rebecca R. Merrill
  2. Stephen R. Covey. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  3. Stephen R. Covey. The 8th Habit From Effectiveness to Greatness
  4. Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich
  5. Robert T. Kiyosaki. Retire Young Retire Rich
  6. Norman Vincent Peale. The Power of Positive Thinking
  7. The Holy Bible

On this subject, i have listened to :

  1. Pastor Don Matheny (Nairobi Light house church)
  2. President Barrack Obama,
  3. Carol Mandi (Columnist, the Nation Newspaper)
  4. Chris Hart (Columnist, the Nation Newspaper)
  5. And many others.