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President Uhuru of Kenya and Yoweri of Uganda

Sorry guys but we got to face some truths. There is them and there is us.

There are those that have things well organized financially, and there is us that struggle to get to the next pay day.

I have done some research and I have discovered what makes the difference.

Those that have their finances well sorted  always have an extra gig that brings them money. They keep poultry at their back yard, or they have a Milk ATM, or they have an M pesa. They have a thing going.

We say that Nairobi ni shamba ya mawe (Nairobi is a garden of stones), yes it is. You can’t squeeze money out of stones; you got to give a service or sell a product to get money.

The difference between them and us is that they understand that they have to do something to get money. While we seat and hope.