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Volkswagen Polo Vivo Now that Volkswagen is setting up shop in Kenya, I thought I will look up reviews of its polo vivo model. This model will  be the first that the Kenyan plant will be assembling.

The Vivo model has been in production since the year 2010, it is an improvement of the Volkswagen Citi golf. Currently, the VW vivo is the best-selling passenger car in South Africa.


The most  appealing thing about the VW Vivo is its price. DT Dobie, the authorized dealer for Volkswagen in  kenya has priced this vehicle at 1.7million Kenya shillings. This is a good deal given that second hand imports from Japan would go for about a million Kenya shillings.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency of this vehicle is one thing that Kenyans will definitely be interested in.  The 1.4 liter engine capacity of the VIVO concept line model will give you about 16 kilometers per liter of petrol. The blue line vivo will go 17km on a liter. This is slightly better than what you will find with a Toyota probox. A probox will give you 15 km per liter. Of course not better than the 1000cc engine Vitz, which goes for 21 km on a liter.


There is no doubt that the Kenya vehicle manufacturing(KVM) plant will maintain the same high quality standards, that the Volkswagen brand has been known for. This means a guarantee of about 120 000 kilometers without any problem.

Common problems with the VW Vivo

I checked several sites looking for a trend in the type of problems that people report with VW polo vivo. Didn’t see any pattern , most reviewers didn’t write specifically on the polo vivo brand, but on the polo in general.

However, there were a few specific for the vivo:

The VW VIVO model that is selling in South Africa has no electric windows. Some owners have reported that when it rains; some trickles of water get in.

Some users have wrote that it has no power; only goes to a maximum of 120 km/hr on the high way, and only up to 80km/hr on a rough road. This is besides the specs showing a capability of up to 177km per hour.

There haven’t been many reviews on the vivo, we wait to see what will be the experience of Kenyans.